Monday, July 12, 2010


I can't believe I let myself get so lazy with the diapers. At some point in the near past, Crosby started peeing through even the heaviest of cloth diapers that we have. We grabbed him some trash diapers, Jess was annoyed with the leaks. I was pregnant and we got super lazy and kept buying more trash dipes. I got tons of disposables at my baby shower, so, out of sheer exhaustion and the still quite active laziness, I've had Gavin in them too. Then we kept buying them. It's a mess. I've been getting the boys back into our cloth and have been saving for some new fluff. It's hard! I'm having to do the transfer all over again... What possessed me to use all those garbage dipes?!?!? If I think about how much we've been spending on them that we could have saved for cloth, it makes me sick. I hope I can get Jess to agree with me and get off the disposables again. Good Luck to myself!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popsicles?... Dinosaurs!

I gave Crosby a Popsicle and got myself one also. He has never seen me eat one of his Popsicles before and freaked a bit saying "Mine!" I let him have mine also. I know, bad Mommy. He smiled at me and said "My Dinosaurs!"